Young Justice: Phantoms has a pacifist John Wick


Young Justice: Phantoms has his own John Wick, but he’s a bit of a pacifist.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for the first five episodes of Young Justice: Phantoms, streaming now on HBO Max.

It is safe to say that John Wick has become one of the most beloved properties in pop culture. It helps people love Keanu Reeves, but also, it touches the nostalgia of ’90s action fans, while also giving the modern genre a bloody injection of adrenaline. However, come Young Justice: Ghosts, the heroes have their own John Wick, but he’s a bit of a pacifist when it comes to Reeves’ brutal hitman.

It is none other than Will, the Roy Harper clone who runs Bowhunter Security. He does his best to be a hero, doing things by the rules, but he knows he will always have problems at work. This happens when they apprehend League of Shadows members Cassandra Savage and Onyx who want to defect but cannot be trusted in the final episode.

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This leads to a transport scene where Will, who is disheartened by Conner’s death, insists there must be no damage, as he wants to make sure they don’t run into any issues with the companies. insurance because, wherever they go, they bring a high degree of risk. His worst fears come to life as the League attacks, trying to shoot the two women, prompting Artemis and co. in action.

Will is adamant, however, that they cannot kill, maim or destroy public property, which Arsenal find it difficult to stick to. As things heat up, Will ends up using his clipboard, as well as a pen, to stab some opponents and take them out. He lets them live, proving that he is super adaptable with his office tools, and bends to the improvisation seen with Wick.

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Reeves’ assassin used staplers and a pencil to kill people on the road in the second movie after Santino put an open contract. It’s in Wick’s DNA, however, as he has no mercy on those who invade his home or those who want to brawl in the streets. It reminds us that he plays anywhere, anytime, but in Wick’s case you are assured that he will leave a high body count, which is why he is the bogeyman known as the name of “Baba Yaga”.

Wick doesn’t care about aggression or violence per se, but instead basks in killing people who come after him, making him the opposite of Will. Luckily, Will sets an example for others, as his pen antics don’t kill anyone or break their eyes. He’s essentially Wick-lite, which annoys a bloodthirsty Arsenal, but ultimately it keeps the team from being reprimanded by the media, and most importantly, it keeps the security company from being prosecuted for murder. in broad daylight.

To see how Will Harper becomes a John Wick pacifist, the first five episodes of Young Justice: Phantoms air on HBO Max.

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