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WAUSAU, Wisconsin (WAOW) – April is Sexual Assault Awareness and Child Abuse Prevention Month, and the Wausau Women’s Community is holding events throughout the month to raise awareness.

“We are trying to provide community awareness events that will interest people in our work in the community and also to help our community become more aware of the widespread problem surrounding sexual assault and child abuse,” Community Program services for victims of sexual assault for women. said coordinator Jessica Lind.

This week, the Women’s Community will hold a town hall with the mayor, police officers and many other experts in the field.

“The community will have an interactive opportunity to meet with the panel members, we will go through a case scenario, then what happens after someone reports and how all system partners and community stakeholders helping victims and how do we hold victims accountable, “said Lind.

Advocates at the center explained that if you notice that a child or a friend is acting differently, they may be the victim of assault or abuse, and showing support is one of the best ways to help.

“I wish I didn’t have to exist, that people didn’t hurt other people. But they do and as long as that happens, we’re here to help people become whole again because it’s possible,” Jane Graham, Executive Director of the Women’s Community. Jennings said.

Lind said the support of friends is important.

“If you are that friend, it is important that you listen, support and believe,” Lind said.

Advocates say sexual assault is one of the least reported crimes because victims often feel like they won’t be believed and that their abuser is someone they know.

“People who assault are people we know. Victims of sexual assault – about 92% know the person who assaulted them,” Jennings said.

You will find information on how to participate in events or get involved here.


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