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NORTHAMPTON, MASS. / ACCESSWIRE / September 27, 2022 / Ericsson

Caroline Berns
Head of Diversity, Inclusion and Talent Acquisition, MMEA

Welcome to the latest edition of our diversity and inclusion news roundup. Today we’re talking about a new report from McKinsey, LinkedIn’s Diversity Nudges, the impact of working from home on gender equality, and an Afghan librarian fighting for women’s rights.

Interesting report from McKinsey on talent attraction and attrition, by interviewing more than 13,000 people in 6 different countries. Businesses need to start rethinking their offeringsas traditionally, people were drawn to career development and advancement – but this is increasingly replaced now by the demand for flexibility, well-being and meaningful work.

Gender equality
We know the challenges that can potentially arise with women working from home, including the risk of missing promotions due to proximity bias. This article also discusses other aspects, including gender roles in families – and how these new ways of working could lead to a regressive division of domestic and care responsibilities.

Gender balance
LinkedIn just announced a new feature called “Boosts for diversity” It’s okay alert recruiters if their search for candidates lacks gender balance. The tool will then suggest additional criteria (such as location, skills or companies) to improve the balance. Learn more here.

women’s empowerment
Wahida Amiri worked as a librarian in Afghanistan until the Taliban took over. She now lives in Pakistan as a refugee, struggle for women’s rights in Afghanistan. Touching interview, please read!

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