Uganda named Global Ambassador for Women in Business Empowerment


Ugandan author and entrepreneur Ms. Damali Ssali has been chosen as the Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Ambassador for 2021 to represent Uganda.

Part of her mandate will include empowering women and girls to become active participants in the economy. This will require the establishment of a network of women leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs to initiate startups.

Already this Friday, November 19, with the support of HiPiPo, Stanbic Business Incubator and Met Media, Ms. Ssali will not only celebrate with but will also support and empower women entrepreneurs in Uganda and across the region as she launches initiatives for the entrepreneurial development and support for women in Uganda.

This initiative is in line with the Ambassador Program of Women’s Entrepreneurship Day (WEDO) organizations around the world to launch programs, campaigns and mentorship programs with a focus on adopting supportive programs. entrepreneurial showcase new business ventures in technology, food production, fashion, retail, environment and educational enterprises.

Ms. Ssali brings together a multitude of experiences promoting innovation and development opportunities for women entrepreneurs. As well as being the author and founder of Ideation Corner, she also identifies as an Afro-optimist – emphasizing Africa’s modernity, exudes positivity and celebrates “Africanity”. It does so through messages and images that highlight notions of technological progress, economic growth and vibrant and vibrant cultures of Africa.

As for Ideation Corner, it is not only a social impact investment fund, but on the other hand, it also serves as a source of inspiration for young people in particular who want to become entrepreneurs in different professional fields and in different fields. many other aspects of life.

Ms. Ssali’s skill set includes financial services, trade policy, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship.

In a statement, while commenting on WEDO, Founder and Chair of Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, Wendy Diamond said, “It’s inspiring to see women around the world come together for one cause.

She continued, “By donating their time, effort and resources to Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, they not only celebrate, support and empower women in business in over 100 countries, but also contribute to world unification. “


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