The Women Empowerment Foundation seeks support for the Tanka Tanka project


The project championed by the charity was co-founded and initiated by Maimuna Yaya Kanyi and some friends in 2017.

After residing in the West for some time, they realized that advocating, empowering and educating Gambian women are key elements of sustainable development.

In an interview with the Foundation’s CEO, Ms. Maimuna Kanyi, she said, “Our main beneficiary of fundraising proceeds this year is Tanka Tanka Psychiatric Hospital. The goal is to provide patients with the safety and dignity we enjoy at home.

“We seek the support of the government and every individual who understands that those at Tanka Tanka Hospital are ours and their status can happen to anyone,” she said.

According to her, the foundation wants to build a fence that would separate the women’s wing of the hospital from the men’s side for proper security. “Since male and female patients here staying together is very risky, we came up with the idea of ​​building a fence that will separate them.”

Since our sole interest is the empowerment of women and girls, we hereby seek the utmost support from the government and our partners to help us realize this project.

WEPF includes phenomenal West African women from all walks of life, ranging from nurses, bankers, small business owners, lawyers, activists, civil servants, university students, market traders, women “nacco”, artists and housewives.

“We have about 100 active members both in the diaspora and on the ground. We also have a group of influential men as advisors in the group and members each contribute an equal amount to our monthly meetings, to discuss their views and opinions to improve our services in our communities,” said revealed Ms. Kanyi.

She added “Our goals are not limited to working on the total eradication of the following: FGM, child labor and child prostitution, battered women, domestic violence, child marriages and marriages forced and all other forms of violence against women, girls and children.”

In short, she added, we simply aim to find solutions to the daily challenges faced by women in Africa.

The CEO of the foundation added that, “We have made a huge contribution from our quota towards alleviating the hardship and suffering of Gambian women and children and improving their health and well-being. We have had a great impact thanks to the following interventions:

SOS Children’s Village; maternities; health centers; Mile 2 Prison Women’s Wing; Tanka Tanka Psychiatric Hospital; Mortuaries and Madarasas (Koranic schools)

“The patron of this prestigious charity was Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara, whose advice, guidance in our early days of establishment has been inspiring, valuable and is what sets us apart from other charities, but we commend also Mrs. Mariam Deyda Hydara as our mother who also gives us valuable advice and contributes to help us achieve our goals in the service of our people,” she underlined.


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