The Thinkubator is launching a women’s empowerment event in the Bronx on May 14


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Women play an essential role in the family unit. Empowering women empowers our youth

BRONX, NEW YORK, USA, May 9, 2022 / — The Thinkubator, a Bronx-based nonprofit organization for innovation and workforce development, announces the launch audience of its “Women’s Empowerment Program”. Launched in fall 2021 at The Thinkubator’s Poughkeepsie satellite office, The Thinkubator Nutrition, the Women’s Empowerment Program provides spaces, forums and opportunities for women to come together, support each other, work on their ideas potential businesses and find ways to better support their young people as they navigate through life. The launch event will spotlight women and youth making a difference in their community, raffles will be donated by local vendors, and Thinkubator youth interns will be showcased. Join The Thinkubator, The Thinkubator Cafe and Training Center, and The Thinkubator Nutrition and Training Center on May 14 from 3:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. to hear and learn from powerful women and youth who are leading the way for women in the 21st century. These women don’t just talk, they walk.

Women play a vital role in the home and in the workplace. They are often the primary caregivers, breadwinners and educators of the young people we serve. The Thinkubator recognizes the importance that women play in ensuring that our young people succeed in their internships, complete their studies and continue their studies. We will feature women and young entrepreneurs who are making a difference in the local community and who have found ways to economically empower themselves and their families. “This event was inspired by the adversities and obstacles that have taken place in my life,” says Ms. Desiree Herrington, Managing Director, The Thinkubator. “In my youth, my parents pushed me to pursue my dreams despite several tragic events that occurred during my adolescence. I have worked hard to become an independent and enterprising woman.

Today, Desiree has opened two businesses in El Paso, Texas, and oversees the strategic direction and operations of The Thinkubator. She is a wife, mother, business owner and non-profit leader. She works daily with young people in the Thinkubator internship program to teach them about entrepreneurship and the meaning of innovation and creative thinking. The women’s empowerment event will feature women, youth and adults. Entrepreneurs Nyesha Davis and Samantha Williams, financial coaches at Save Your Money will be featured at the event. Their message to all participants and women, young and old, is: “Don’t believe in a deadline. You are not late and you are not too late. Everything you want is within your reach. Once you claim it, it’s on its way just for you. Women’s voices will be heard on that day. It is time, time for us to give back to our communities, to women and to the world. Desiree Lee-Summers, Chair of the Board of The Thinkubator, said, “It is our duty, our obligation and our privilege to share the courage of our panelists with our community and especially with our young people. Empowering youth voices is a core part of The Thinkubator’s mission. This event will amplify our youth, our women and our community. The Thinkubator will feature women entrepreneurs creating pathways for other women at the Thinkubator Cafe at 128 Alexander Avenue in the Bronx on May 14 at 3:00 p.m.

About the Thinkubator
The Thinkubator is a Bronx-based nonprofit organization for innovation and workforce development. We develop innovative strategies to address complex local challenges that have global implications. The Thinkubator approaches our work through a lens of racial and economic equity through three broad areas: education, research and community.

The Thinkubator Education provides education, career, and work-based learning opportunities for young adults. We seek to prepare diverse low-income youth from the Bronx and similar communities to succeed in the workplace and in the world.

Research Thinkubator conducts research, analysis, and creates policy solutions to complex challenges. He leverages his data collection and strong analytical skills to provide strategic advice to the education, non-profit, public and private sectors.

The Thinkubator Community focuses on the intersection of issues that hinder community growth, development, and productivity and addresses them head-on with the communities we serve.

Collectively, The Thinkubator offers a systematic approach to the workforce, economic and community development, educational attainment, and poverty alleviation.

The organization’s vision states that The Thinkubator aspires to a world where young people in the Bronx and similar communities are trained, educated and fueled to have their voices heard on business, organizational, societal and global challenges.

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