The 4 Projects launches program with women’s empowerment workshop


Amarillo nonprofit The 4 Projects kicks off its women’s program with “Bloom,” a women’s empowerment workshop on Saturday, July 30 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Endless Moment Event Center, located at 707 S. Polk St. A Admission fees are required for participation.

The 4 Projects is a non-profit organization founded in 2019 with a mission to provide something to everyone in need. The organization offers therapeutic recovery for trauma survivors, including specialized programs for first responders, veterans and their dependents or caregivers. Some of the therapy options the nonprofit specializes in include pet therapy, therapeutic art, and body wellness in the form of massage therapy, nutritional counseling, yoga, and more.

“We meet people wherever they are in life, whatever path they take, and for those who have already walked this path, we serve as a guide so that no one has to walk this path alone. “said Ruth Brown, Managing Director. of the 4 projects.

“Bloom” will be the nonprofit’s first launch event for its new program for women. The program is created to help meet the mental, physical and emotional needs of women, especially women recovering from trauma, single mothers or women with medical needs.

During the event, speakers will talk about what makes women amazing and how a woman’s mind works, including self-care and goal planning. One of the activities at the launch event will be a succulent arrangement class, while discussing “where do we plant ourselves” and how those decisions affect the life of a growing woman. Other activities during the event will include several workshops and a photo shoot, as well as a provided lunch.

“It’s a great place for a women-positive community. …As women in the career field, we’re also incredibly busy moms, daughters, wives, and multi-taskers. Women are such powerful creatures and we want to help other women truly understand this full power to present ourselves as our best as women so that we can positively affect others and the woman within us,” Brown said.

The local association The 4 Projects launches its new women's program with

An event partner, IVRS Wellness Center, spoke about their desire to participate in the early days and their overall involvement in the community through The 4 Projects.

“We had seen some of the work that the 4 projects had done in the community and we liked what their message (was), and so we reached out to host lunches and help in any way we could. And Ruth mentioned that they wanted to start the women’s program, and we were all for it and ready to help in any way we could,” said Stephanie Tucker, VP of Marketing for IVRS Wellness Center.

IVRS, founded in Amarillo six years ago, began as an intravenous hydration business. It grew into the wellness center it is today, catering to people with massage therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic care, cupping, primary care, as well as IV and hydration needs.

“A lot of our health care revolves around a woman who is often the decision maker in the household, or sometimes the woman is the person who neglects her own health to take care of her loved ones, and we wanted to be part of that. system support to show these women seeking help and health care to empower them as part of our mission,” Tucker said.

The local association The 4 Projects launches its new women's program with

Tickets are available for purchase for $60. Each ticket includes everything needed for all activities and lunch, totaling a value of $500. Everyone is welcome to attend the event, but women entering college or higher are encouraged to attend. Tickets can be purchased online at

For more information, visit the nonprofit on their website or follow them on Facebook.


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