Speakers plead for justice and good parenthood as First Lady of Kebbi holds Ramadan lecture


Kebbi State Governor’s wife Dr. Zainab Shinkafi Bagudu has urged parents to instill love of religion and desire to worship God in their children and wards.

Dr. Zainab Bagudu spoke on Saturday in Birnin Kebbi at the 6th Annual Kebbi Women’s Ramadan Conference, themed “Path to Heaven”.

The Ramadan conference was launched in 2016 for women in the state at the initiative of the First Lady.

Dr Bagudu also urged young people to be very conscious of the company they have, adding that children are indeed a gift from Allah and raising them is a matter of trust.

“It is an amana (trust) of God. Your wealth and your children are only a test, whereas with Allah! With him is a great reward (heaven),” she said.

Dr Bagudu urged Muslim mothers to do their best to ensure that their children become true heirs of Islam and to keep Islam alive in their lives and those of their families after their death.

According to her, the efforts of parents are therefore quite decisive in inculcating the love of Islam and the desire to worship in the right way.

“Parents must also recognize that raising good children can be a source of salvation in the afterlife.

“The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said:

“At death, the deeds of man will cease except for three deeds.

“They are an ongoing charitable fund, endowment or goodwill; the knowledge left for people to benefit from; and a pious, righteous, God-fearing child who continually prays to Allah for the rest of his parents’ souls.

This year’s conference was held with five eminent speakers including Sheikh Mufti Ismail Menk, Dr. Jabir Sani Maihula, Mallama Juwairiya Usman, Mallama Zainab Jafar Adam and Sister Jamila Lawal.

In his address, the Governor of Kebbi State, HE Sen Abubakar Atiku Bagudu congratulated his wife and the organizing team for the success of the conference. He thanked the speakers for

travel to share their knowledge. The Governor noted that all speakers’ conferences are all linked.

The Governor insisted on the young people of Kebbi to note that all those invited are young people of knowledge and as such should imitate them and also take the conferences to heart so that by the next Ramadan conference, they all be better people.

The first lecture of the day was delivered by Dr. Mufti Ismail Menk who spoke virtually on parenthood.

Dr. Jabir Sani Maihulla’s second lecture focused on justice centered on Surah Al-Nisa.

Third speaker of the day, Mallama Juwairiyya presented in Hausa, building on what Dr Jabir talked about – justice. It has, however, limited itself to justice in marriage.

The fourth speaker, Malama Zainab Jaafar Adam (daughter of the famous scholar Jafar Adam) pointed out that Allah has granted his subjects many mercies (rahma) among which are Islam and the mercy of peace.

The fifth and final speaker, Sister Jamila Lawal, spoke about the proper regimen of Ramadan.

She discussed the different components of a balanced diet which includes: proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, water and oil and their nutritional values.

Other highlights of the event were the beautiful recitation of the glorious Quran by an orphan of Zuru, Malama Rumaisau and spoken poetry (Qasidah) by Amir Nazir Amir and Kafayat Lawal.

An iftar was served and 10 kg bags of rice were distributed to more than 1000 participants.


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