Ruhi Singh shows her support for women’s empowerment by visiting an NGO

Former beauty queen and model Ruhi Singh recently visited an NGO to do their part for the empowerment of women. the
Lugaai on the run The actress got engaged to staff and residents, speaking to them about female empowerment and independence in today’s world.

Talking about her wonderful visit and the initiatives taken by the NGO for the betterment of women and children, she says: “The empowerment of women should not only be a theoretical issue but a practical one. By helping those women who have encountered difficulties in marriage and who have become trapped in unpredictable situations and guiding them to the opportunities and resources that the government has made available to them, we should encourage them to be financially independent and to do not depend on anyone in life. India as a nation progresses. The organizers of this NGO have done amazing things like launching courses that train them not only in nursing but also in English, personality development and much more. They uplift and motivate women to be much more confident than they were before.”

The NGO officials tell us: “We have women who come from violent households, or those who become the only earners because of a death in the family and we try to reach them as much as possible. Many of them recover and fly away and also end up sharing their stories and asking for support from SNEHA, for example, we have helped a few of the students in the past out of abusive situations in their homes through interventions made within the framework of the program of prevention of violence against women and children of SNEHA.

On the work side, Ruhi by Singh
Lugaai on the run who was nominated for Best Actor at the Filmfare Awards has done great things for his career.
Mosagallu, Arjun And Anu, and
Chakravyuh are a few other feathers in his cap. As Ruhi, who was also nominated for the 2021 Filmfare OTT Awards, launched her latest show
The greatest of all time, on Snapchat. The Snapchat original has been released worldwide. She will be the headliner of the Netflix original series called
social currency which is a reality show.


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