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Local childhood lovers have reconnected on social media and are now building a life with their two daughters in Viera, near where it all began.

Robert and Carlyn Clark met in sixth grade at Holland Elementary School, where they were childhood sweethearts for three months.

They remained friends while studying at DeLaura Middle School and Satellite Beach High School, but after graduating, as most do, they split up to go to college and begin their adult lives.

But this separation did not last too long. The feelings were still there 10 years later when they reconnected on Facebook.

This meeting led to a renewal of their love, then to marriage. The couple will celebrate their 12th birthday in March.

The Clarkes decided to raise their two daughters, Devin, 17, a junior, and London, 6, a freshman at Viera. Both attend the Episcopal Academy of the Holy Trinity.

“I’ve lived in the area for quite a while since 1986 when I was in fourth grade,” said Robert Clark.

He still remembers when Wickham Road was made up of two lanes flanked by pasture for cows and wetlands.

“We used to drive to Orlando to go to the mall and there was this secluded house over there (in what is now Viera) and I was like, ‘Who would ever want to live there ? “” said Carlyn Clark.

Fast forward almost 30 years into the future and Viera has grown at an exponential rate.

The Clarks moved to Viera and have enjoyed living at Reeling Park for the past six years.

Almost seven years ago, Robert Clark started a business called Kona Gold Beverages, which now distributes its products nationwide, including lemonades, hemp energy drinks, CBD energy waters and CBD alkaline waters, according to the website.

“We started with an energy drink. Then we expanded to include flavored waters. Last year we acquired a lemonade business. The product is sold in local WaWas. We also distribute our products nationwide and have other warehouses across the country, ”he said.

Carlyn Clark was a teacher at Brevard Public Schools for 18 years.

“I was at Ralph Williams for 15 years, then at Viera Charter School for three years, and Merritt Island before that,” she said. Carlyn has taught grades six to eight and has taught preschool as well.

Carlyn now teaches a Women’s Bible Study for New Moms at Viera Church on Wednesdays.

“She’s busier than I am,” Robert said with a laugh.

The Clarks are also a family that plays together.

“We have a full gym that we built during COVID. We have all the Crossfit gear here. My oldest daughter does full Crossfit and we all train together, ”said Robert.

London learns gymnastics with a private coach.

When it comes to life in Viera, the couple couldn’t be happier.

“We love Viera,” Carlyn said.

“I have always loved the area,” said Robert. “The weather is fantastic all around. We have neighbors, friends and family within a 3 mile radius. It’s very useful.

“We also like the safety aspect of it,” Carlyn said. Nice and safe communities, all community events. It has that small town feel without really being a small town. I feel like we know everyone.


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