Minority Community Investment Coalition Discusses Importance of Pediatric COVID-19 Vaccines and Immunizations for Pregnant Women


The Minority Community Investment Coalition, also known as MCIC, held its press conference on December 28 to discuss pediatric vaccinations in the community.

The importance of vaccines for young people was the main topic, but an expert also weighed in on the importance of vaccines for pregnant women.

The MCIC is focusing on the youth of Erie in hopes of helping to potentially end the pandemic in the future.

An MCIC partner spoke about the importance of vaccines as well as for pregnant women.

The Minority Community Investment Coalition plans to address the lack of immunization in the community.

The main focus of the organization is the youth of Erie due to the lack of vaccination among young people.

“It is widely established that vaccinations are the path to some semblance of COVID-19 control. So we are appealing to all members of the community, especially the hesitant population today, and we are doubling our outreach efforts with young people and trying to get more young people vaccinated, ”said Gary Horton, Executive Director of Urban Erie Community Development.

The first step in their awareness begins with a pediatric COVID-19 vaccination clinic .;

“Thursday’s focus on the pediatric vaccine vaccination clinic is just that. Bring it to young people where they live in public housing estates. At the same time, we will provide booster shots, second injection, first injection to anyone who wants to be vaccinated, ”said Horton .;

In addition to discussing the importance of vaccination for young people, a local OGBYN told us that he shares the same importance for pregnant women.

“We recommend that pregnant women get vaccinated as soon as possible and if they have been vaccinated before that they get their booster, and also that children be vaccinated if they are eligible within the age range,” said Dr Andrea Jeffress, MD, OBGYN.

The pediatric vaccination clinic will be held on Thursday, December 28 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. for ages five and over with reminders available for anyone aged 16 and over.

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No registration, health insurance or ID is required, but remember to bring your vaccination records.


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