Midlands Group meets Minister of Justice on National Strategy on Domestic, Sexual and Gender Based Violence


Submissions were made by 51 local organizations.

The Justice Minister was presented with a response to the National Strategy on Domestic, Sexual and Gender Based Violence by a club in the Midlands.

Tullamore Rotary gathered local community feedback for the strategy and presented the details to Helen McEntee in Tullamore yesterday.

Submissions were made by 51 local organizations, including sports clubs, church groups and law enforcement.

Club Chairman Professor Eoin Sheehan said: “Our club recognizes and recognizes that major changes are needed to end cases of domestic, sexual and gender-based violence, and for a strategy that will be put in place. implemented quickly and efficiently.

Committee Chair Ronan Berry said, “This response is a true representation of the voice of our community. Our community wants to be at the forefront of making sure the Third National Strategy on Domestic, Sexual and Gender-Based Violence works and creates a safer society for women. Issues relating to gender-based violence, particularly violent and aggressive behavior towards women, unfortunately continue to dominate the daily headlines. This strategy must be the radical change of attitudes and behavior in Irish society.

The response from this group calls for the creation of a high-level cross-departmental implementation committee. This approach will ensure effective implementation of the strategy by ensuring coordination among the myriad of state agencies and groups focused on this critical area.

In addition, Tullamore is proposed as a pilot city for the key initiatives agreed under the strategy. The response recognizes that this problem cannot be solved by politics alone, and dozens of groups in the city have agreed to participate in meaningful ways, whether it’s a community project or a national awareness campaign.

We are deeply honored to have the Attorney General come to Tullamore to launch our submission. We are the only group to submit a community response to the DSGBV draft strategy.

About the project:
The Rotary Club of Tullamore & District is committed to bringing about real change when it comes to gender-based violence. In recent times, the Club has become aware of the impact of gender-based violence in our community, locally and nationally. There must be zero tolerance for DSGBV and unequal power relations resulting in coercive control and sexual violence, especially against women.

Principle results :
These results show strong support (70.6%) for a mix of measures focusing on prevention and protection. The group’s view is split on whether the proposed strategy currently contains the right mix of stocks, indicating how difficult that balance will be to strike. Because of the importance of the issue, this group felt that an awareness campaign aimed at the widest range of target audiences is essential; however, a focus on the next generation would be desirable and should be a priority.

In the protection pillar, the main conclusion was that more needs to be done for victims, men and women, who come forward. This requires more training and resources for those involved in engaging with victims. This process needs to be streamlined and calibrated so that victims are treated with sensitivity and therefore others are more likely to move forward.

In Pillar 3, prosecution, there was strong agreement among the groups, with the majority agreeing that existing legislation on sexual violence and domestic violence is inadequate.

In summary, we see this strategy as a unique opportunity for this generation to support the next generation. This is our chance to make society safer and more caring for people and we should take it.


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