Meet Nusf, the Arab Institute for the Empowerment of Women in Saudi Arabia


The Arab Institute for the Empowerment of Women (Nusf) is a Saudi institute that focuses on empowering women in leadership positions. By providing women with leadership skills, the institute works to cultivate sustainable economic development, helping Saudi Arabia achieve its Vision 2030 goals. This is in addition to researching and organizing discussions in where people in leadership positions can share their experiences and best practices for women in all sectors.

Nusf is the brainchild of Mae Al-Mozaini, its CEO and former executive of world-renowned Saudi Aramco. She also brings with her experience working as a gender officer at the 2020 G20 summit. Having worked at Saudi Aramco, as a woman, she realized the downsides of working without mentorship, and Vision 2030 would inspire her to offer women’s mentorship programs through Nusf.

In fact, Nusf is the Arabic word for “half” because the institute considers women to be “half of society”. When it was established, women accounted for 17% of participants in Saudi Arabia’s economic activities. By the second quarter of 2022, however, that number had risen to 35.6%, with as many women as men employed.

For its part, Nusf offers mentoring programs aimed at building the skills and confidence of professional women. These include the “Future Leaders Program”, which aims to provide tools and training workshops to potential leaders. The “Management Leadership Program” is a series of strategic training sessions, which aims to provide women in organizations with the skills and confidence to transform their businesses into global players. The Global Executive Leadership Program is an intensive, world-class program aimed at accelerating the professional development of women preparing for leadership positions.

Additionally, Nusf provides other services such as research and consultancy for organizations, governments and institutions. It also organizes discussions such as the Saudi Women’s Economic Forum, an annual forum highlighting opportunities for women in economic activities. Additionally, the Leadership Talks are a monthly discussion where prominent women and men come together to discuss their leadership careers and exchange experiences and best practices regarding women in the economy.


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