Male Version Of Titans Raven Revealed In New DC Teen Justice


The new male anchor Raven for the upcoming Multiversity: Teen Justice has just been revealed in a gorgeous cover by artist Robbi Rodriguez.

Warning: Spoilers for Multiversity: Youth Justice ahead!

A wonderful new cover of the next Multiversity: Youth Justice series of DC Comics reveals awesome sex Raven, making fans even more excited for the return of the young Earth-11 team. New six-issue miniseries marks the first time Teen Justice has been seen since the 2020s DC’s Very Merry Multiverse and Raven is the newest addition to the team’s roster.

First established as an alternate Earth in Grant Morrison and Ivan Reis’ iconic The multiversity guide #1 (2015), Earth-11 is home to a gendered Justice League called the Justice Guild, led by Aquawoman. The guide also establishes that Earth-11 is ruled by the Amazons of Themyscira, who have inspired women around the world to hold positions of power and leadership. Teen Titans’ Raven, aka Rachel Roth, debuted in DC Comics Presents #26 (1980) as the half-demon daughter of the terrifying Trigon, a young magician with immense power who has traditionally been a member of the Teen Titans.

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The Teen Justice team, all gender alternate versions of the Earth-0 counterparts, were first introduced in DC’s Very Merry Multiverse two years ago and made quite an impression on fans. The breakout character was the gender non-binary Kid Quick (Jess Chambers) who was set to be the future main Flash in future state. the Multiversity: Youth Justice The miniseries from Ivan Cohen, Danny Lore, Marco Failla and Enrica Eren Angiolini will follow the young team – made up of Kid Quick, Supergirl, Robin, Aquagirl, Klarienne the Witch Girl and Troy Donald – as they face off against the forces of attack of HIVE and the Church of Blood. The synopsis for the first issue reveals that the mysterious male anchor Raven may be the key to winning their battle, but has refused to join the young team in the past. Now a great cover for Multiversity: Youth Justice #2 by Robbi Rodriguez, posted by RBCshows the first glimpse of the seemingly male Raven, wearing a pointed hood and dark face similar to those Raven of Earth-0 wears.

The official synopsis of Multiversity: Youth Justice #2 reveals that “Supergirl and Robin attract surprising allies when they uncover an unexpected mystery“, hinting that Raven may be joining the team shortly due to a previously unknown connection to the evil Church of Blood. The Church of Blood on Earth-0 is a violent cult of Trigon-worshipping fanatics who have been first introduced in 1982 as a major enemy of the Teen Titans, who worked hard to expose their evils. demonic Trigon has led to several major revelations about his past, and possible future, over the years. It will be incredibly interesting to see what drives Earth-11’s Raven to join the Teen Justice team, and if their adventure together will be enough for Raven to continue as a member.Depicts Raven surrounded by a beautiful and ominous purple mist, indicating that Earth-11’s Raven can be just as powerful as her Earth-0 counterpart, and could prove essential for that T een Justice succeeds in his mission against the Church of worshipers of Blood’s Trigon.

The Blood Church is indelibly tied to the story of Raven and Trigon, but with so little revelation about the plot of Multiversity: Youth Justice it’s still unclear how Raven will fit into the plot, or if the Earth-11 Trine will also be an alternate gender demonic entity. Either way, Earth-11’s Raven’s new design is seriously awesome, and I hope the character will be an important part of the entire miniseries as Teen Justice continues to find its place as a young team. of superheroes. Be sure to pick up Multiversity: Youth Justice from DC Comics when the first issue goes on sale June 7 to see the amazing new alternative sex Raven team up with the fierce crew of Teen Justice.

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