Letter to the editor: threat of the Supreme Court against justice, judicial ethics


We are now seeing the true colors of the United States Supreme Court, and they are not pretty.

Our “Supreme” Court has become a political body which poses a serious threat to justice and, I believe, conflicts with judicial ethics. I am a white male, 76 years old. I’m a fiscal conservative, so I’m troubled by the “pork and waste” in our spending policies, but I’m socially rational and realistic, so I believe in individual rights.

What I do not believe is that the federal government, the state government, the Supreme Court or other individuals have the right to impose their perception of morality on individuals who may or may not share this. same perception.

You might imply that this means that I am not supporting Roe v. Wade, but this move has given women a more universal right to control what happens to their bodies, so I absolutely support him. I found it disappointing that we had to go to this extreme to secure this right.

Simply put, the decision for a woman to have an abortion is hers alone. The only other person who has influence is his doctor. I exclude the family because too often they are the perpetrators of rape and incest.

Religious beliefs should not be part of the general argument. Approximately 30 percent of Americans do not believe in any “Supreme Being”, according to one Ipsos Global Survey, it is therefore not simply a question of imposing a perceived religious morality on them. Each woman has the unique and individual right to choose!

Don Bessey
Old Orchard Beach

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