Justice Verda Mr. Colvin Mercer Law School Keynote Speaker


MASON – Mercer University School of Law Georgia Supreme Court announced Judge Verda M. Colvin accepted an invitation to speak at the start of school on May 14.

Justice Colvin was appointed to the Georgia Supreme Court by Governor Brian Kemp on July 29, 2021, after being appointed to the Georgia Court of Appeals by Governor Kemp on April 9, 2020. She previously served as a judge in the Superior Court in the Macon Judicial Circuit serving Macon-Bibb, Crawford, and Peach counties, having been appointed by Governor Nathan Deal on April 16, 2014.

“In a way, Justice Colvin’s career evolved like ours did,” said third-year student Akash Patel. “When we were freshmen, Justice Colvin was in Superior Court. When we were sophomores, she was on the Georgia Court of Appeals, and by the time we started our senior year of law school, she was on the Georgia Supreme Court.

Justice Colvin welcomed the class of 2022 during orientation as a Superior Court judge.

“During the orientation, Justice Colvin shared how the legal profession is a profession of servitude and how basing her career on being the best servant has always been her driving force,” said Sedaries Mathis. , third-year student and co-vice-chair of the 3L Concerns Committee. . “Since then, I have been inspired by his words in the process of choosing my career path to prioritize service over financial gain or status.”

Justice Colvin is committed to serving professionally and personally. She is a member of the Macon Bar Association, GABWA (Georgia Association of Black Women Attorneys), GAWL (Georgia Association of Women Lawyers), Rotary Club of Downtown Macon, Fuller Center of Macon, Macon-Bibb Citizen Advocacy, Mount de Sales Board of Trustees , Jack & Jill of America (Macon Chapter) and several Inns of Court. She is also co-chair of ONE MACON. She continually sits on various committees in her role as a lawyer.

In honor of Women’s History Month, Macon-Bibb County Mayor Lester Miller declared March 2022 “Judge Verda M. Colvin Month” to recognize her contributions to the Macon County community. -Bibb.

“We are honored to have Justice Colvin as our keynote speaker this year,” said Acting Dean of Mercer Law School Karen J. Sneddon. “Judge Colvin has always been generous with her time and service to Mercer law students, whether she hosts students during orientation, serves as an adjunct professor, or hires students for internships. His dedication to the legal community and his contributions to the Mercer community are appreciated.

Judge Colvin will come full circle with the Class of 2022 as the first speaker.

“Judge Colvin was one of the first voices we heard about us during orientation,” said Ashley Ferguson, third-year student and chair of the 3L Concerns Committee. “It will be appropriate for her to close our journey as law students and offer words of encouragement as we enter the legal profession.”

Mercer Law School will host the start at 10 a.m. on Saturday, May 14 in Hawkins Arena inside Mercer’s University Center. The event will be broadcast live online.


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