Justice for Cassy… Another body found at Same Bryant, Indiana House – Mercer County Outlook

Cassy Hamilton Morgan

(5-5-22) The body of Cassy Hamilton-Morgan was found on January 12, 2021. She was in Bryant, Indiana at the same house, 205 W. Elm St., the body of Staci Williams was found the last week. Question marks appeared as soon as details of Williams’ whereabouts after several days of disappearance were released.

No charges or indications of wrongdoing by law enforcement have been made in either case at this time.

A statement issued at Williams’ death by Jay County Coroner Michael Brewster says he does not expect foul play and an autopsy is scheduled today to find the cause of his death.

Cassy’s friends to support her and Staci will gather in Portland on May 15 to raise awareness of the deaths of the two women.

From the Facebook group Justice for Cassy

WE WANT JUSTICE JAY COUNTY So here’s the deal we’re going to bring a little awareness!!! Justice for Cassy! Justice for Staci! We will meet at Pit’s Bar n grill hwy 27 in Portland on 05/15/22 at 3pm!!! The bar is not usually open on Sundays, but it will be partly open to us on 5/15. We’ll meet there at 3:00 p.m. and set some ground rules. I don’t want anyone to go to jail or get hurt! If you have any questions, you can contact me! PLEASE SHARE THE HELL OF THIS!! A friend of mine and I are contacting the news channels! THIS MUST STOP!!! How many girls should be found dead and left for 3-4 days in Xxxxxxx home before Jay County does their job!!! #JusticeForCassy #JusticeForStaci #DomesticViolenceAwareness

There are many who shared their thoughts on the death of Staci Williams on our post about her death and also those who knew Cassy. Will more information or law enforcement details be shared… only time will tell.


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