Janet donates Shs20m to Kyabazinga for women empowerment


Kyabazinga William Gabula Nadiope IV hosted members of the Neyendeire Development Initiative (NDI) women’s group from the 12 districts of the Busoga sub-region at his Igenge Palace in the Bugembe district of the Northern Division of the Jinja town.
Kyabazinga said he was “very happy” that women’s groups are promoting unity, culture, responsibility, education and health in their communities, leading to improved well-being of people.

“Your activities in the community have shown that you are empowering women and educating girls in cultural ethics and also showing that you are responsible and love Busoga,” the Kyabazinga said.
He added that Busoga Kingdom is one of the kingdoms with open accessibility to all its subjects and will support projects that increase their savings.

Kampala Capital City Authority Executive Director Mrs. Dorothy Kisaka (2nd from right) with Chairpersons of the Neyendeire Development Initiative (NDI) women’s group in Busoga greet Kyabazinga William Gabula Nadiope IV during an event at Igenge Palace in Bugembe , city of Jinja, September 23, 2022 .

Kampala Capital City Authority Executive Director, Mrs. Dorothy Kisaka, said First Lady, Mrs. Janet Museveni is the patron of the association which was established in 2016 to empower Busoga women to be independent in their homes .
Ms Kisaka added that Ms Museveni had extended Shs20m to the Kingdom, aiming to empower women in communities.

NDI President, Mrs. Edith Namusoke said they are doing whatever it takes to ensure that vulnerable women in Busoga are enrolled in the association as it bears development fruits elsewhere where women are in responsibility for family affairs.
Each of the 12 districts has a president and a vice president, who are responsible for mobilizing women in the association.
Each member is supposed to pay a renewable membership fee of Shs 10,000, however, those in the villages say they are struggling to raise it.
In addition, the Covid-19 pandemic which lasted two years affected the association’s mobilization capacity.


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