Is it Justice? WA Supreme Court turns criminals into children!


The Washington State Supreme Court’s decision endangers the lives of all Washingtonians, gives dangerous juvenile criminals a free pass, and stifles a free press, all in the name of fairness.

References to Rantz’s “movement” came a week ago, on Tuesday May 3, when the Supreme Court ruled it would stop using the full names of juvenile offenders and suspects, instead, in s pressing the initials and date of birth. Essentially, dropping a cloak of secrecy on juvenile proceedings in the interests of their protection and potentially at the expense of the public!

Too far too fast?

Although the court has since suspended implementation of the rule to allow for further scrutiny, court watchers say it means minors’ cases will not be properly filed with law enforcement, summonses will not will not be given to minors and the State will not be in compliance. with the national instant criminal background check system.

In addition, public accountability will suffer from the inability of the media to accurately report significant public safety events or, ultimately, to help hold judges accountable for any mishandling of cases.

Blinded me with science

So where does this come from? Why the sudden decision to move from longstanding transparency and open records on minors to slamming the door on identity, access and accountability? The answer, as Thomas Dolby might say, is “SCIENCE!” Specifically “Brain Science”.


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