Inverness Women’s Club wins 2021 Virtual Wellness Challenge | Community


For the second year in a row, the Inverness Women’s Club (IWC) has formed the top performing team in the Citrus County Virtual Wellness Challenge.

Even more impressive than last year’s Top Team performance, it was the IWC team members who won all of the individual top spots in this year’s event.

The Virtual Wellness Challenge is an event where participants earn points in 10 different wellness categories, including emotional and spiritual well-being and physical fitness.

The challenge is sponsored by Coping with Dementia LLC, based in Inverness, to raise funds for the nonprofit Dementia Education Inc. The wellness categories and scoring system were created by the professional trainer Bill Coyle of Mr. Bill Fitness LLC in Crystal River.

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Participants in the challenge, which took place over a four-week period in October, can earn up to 70 points per week, plus up to 20 bonus points, making the highest possible score of 300 points.

With 23 members in its team, the IWC compiled an average score of 212.7 points per member.

The highest-rated individuals in the challenge were Sandy Olson, 284 points; Linda Chuckman, 271 points; Alex Chuckman, 269 points; Marion Gundling, 268 points; and Gary Cooper, 257 points.


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