INTELS Secures 40 Women’s Empowerment Beneficiaries and Donates 1,000 Clothes to Breast Cancer Foundation


Forty women graduated from Class 2021, Lot B of the Women Empowerment Project Scheme Synergy (WEPSS), a corporate social responsibility initiative of INTELS Nigeria Limited.

INTELS created WEPSS in 2013 to empower 5,000 women in the community over a 20-year period through training in fashion design and sewing. The beneficiaries are trained in two batches each year. Since its inception eight years ago, approximately 1,500 women from diverse communities across the country have benefited from the empowerment program.

During the graduation ceremony held at WEPSS Training Center, Federal Lighter Terminal, Onne Port on Wednesday, INTELS also donated 1,000 items of clothing to Engraced Life Foundation, a non-governmental organization dedicated to supporting girls. and women in their fight against breast cancer.

The Managing Director of INTELS Nigeria Limited, Mr. Pasquale Fiore, presented the clothes to the founder of the Engraced Life Foundation, Ethel Olomu.
Olomu, who is a stage 4 breast cancer survivor, thanked INTELS for the gesture, which she said would support the foundation’s vision of giving “someone the chance to come back to life.”

Fiore said the company has always offered support to those in need through its various CSR programs.
Speaking in her address to the graduate students, Fiore said the Synergy of the Women’s Empowerment Project (WEPSS) is part of the INTELS Group President’s vision to support and empower Nigerian women.

“We are here to celebrate the trainees who have successfully completed their training at the WEPSS facility and to say goodbye to them as they begin their journey to a new phase in their lives.

“As some of you may already know, this system was put in place at the initiative of our Group Chairman as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, targeting women in the communities where we operate.

“We are delighted that in the eight years of its operation, starting November 6, 2013, WEPSS has successfully trained over 1,500 women, many of whom are currently living off the skills acquired with WEPSS.

“I urge those of you graduating today to make the most of the training and knowledge you have gained. Clothing is one of the basic necessities of life and will continue to be in demand. Knowledge is power, ambition is a driving force. You can start small and grow your business over time, ”said Fiore.

He praised “the team that runs the business of WEPSS for their good performance over the years” and encouraged them to “keep up the good work”, assuring them of management support.

Also speaking, the General Manager of Legal and Corporate Services of INTELS Nigeria Limited, Amaopusenibo Mike Epelle, said that WEPSS has become one of the best training centers for sewing and fashion design in Nigeria.

He also said the company has contributed immensely to its host communities through various corporate social responsibility initiatives. The initiatives, according to Epelle, include providing scholarships and jobs to indigenous people, supporting sports and community development programs, building roads, providing public lighting, markets and civic centers, among others. .


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