Infoglen organized its Infogleners Women’s Circle for Women’s Empowerment on the occasion of its 6th anniversary


Business Wire India The 6th session of WI Circle took place on November 12, 2021, on the occasion of Infoglen’s sixth anniversary. Saba Ahmad, Co-Founder and COO of Infoglen, said: “The WI Circle shapes Infoglen’s women’s empowerment agenda, which focuses on developing practices for an inclusive and equitable workplace that empowers women to take on leadership roles in the technology industry. ” The aim of the WI Circle session was to harness the power of networking for women Infogleners, to help them diversify and find connections in untapped groups, to explore ways in which they can add value to their existing networks and seek help. The WI Circle is an internal platform where Infoglen employees come together to share experiences, resources and tools, celebrate their victories, identify leadership strengths, address difficult conversations in the workplace and challenge prejudices. Saba is at the forefront of technological innovation and organizational growth. She launched the WI Circle on International Women’s Day, March 8, 2021.

Under Saba’s leadership, Infoglen is now over 30% female, many of whom hold key leadership positions, such as Director of Engineering, Head of Finance and Operations – North America, Head of Development for products and responsible for the engineering of commercial systems. This was made possible thanks to the practices and policies defended at Infoglen to promote an empathic, inclusive and empowering environment to encourage women leaders.

Infoglen believes that when a workplace is empathetic towards women, it is empathetic towards everyone – providing each team member with a positive work experience, strengthening teams through synergy, and helping them. employees to feel more secure in their work. The Business Systems Engineering (BSE) team is a key example of what women in tech can achieve when backed by the right opportunities. The team is responsible for creating innovative tools for process automation, driving digital transformation within Infoglen. The team is led by women, 90% of whose members are women, some of whom joined Infoglen just after a career break.

Taking a break from work and then relaunching your career to return to the job market is a major challenge that affects many working women. It has been of the utmost importance to Saba and the central goal of Infoglen’s program to create a fair workplace. Saba says, “We know there is a huge pool of skilled and experienced women who are ready to re-enter the workforce. Infoglen offers all women opportunities to jumpstart their careers by facilitating the transition to work – with just a little guidance, motivation and training, they can become valuable contributors to the growth of any organization. “We believe in the potential of women who have been absent from work, and this is where it all starts,” she adds.

About Infoglen Infoglen, the San Jose-based technology company is an advanced consulting partner of Salesforce specializing in delivering high-quality, advanced and customized solutions to organizations across all industries. With a rapidly expanding team spread across the United States, Canada and India, Infoglen aims to help customers succeed throughout their Salesforce journey. From providing personalized and advanced Salesforce solutions to complex resource / talent management, Infoglen is known for its innovation and added value for its clients throughout their digital journey. Infoglen experts are passionate about Salesforce technologies and their impact on an organization’s activities. Infoglen’s end goal is to create sustainable and scalable business value for customers and help them achieve maximum ROI / profit from their Salesforce investments.

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