India will grow if we respect our women

If we respect our women, India will grow, according to Delhi High Court Judge Pratibha M. Singh on Wednesday. While delivering her inaugural speech at a gathering organized by FICCI’s WISE council, she referenced a Gurbani adage.

Judge Singh declared that Indian women are succeeding in STEM when addressing participants and women entrepreneurs at the seminar Facing the Unseen Barriers: Addressing Challenges Faced by Women in Science, Technology, Entrepreneurship and mathematics (STEM).

Speech by Judge Pratibha M. Singh

She also provided statistics, showing that 43% of STEM graduates in India, 34% in the US, 38% in the UK, 27% in Germany and 32% in France. India is at 43%, which proves that we are successfully teaching our female students.

Justice Singh added that our ancestors and the scriptures both teach us how to respect women.

“It is also written in our scriptures that where women are respected, all good things are found there.” She also referred to the verses of Manusmriti saying “Yatra Nari Pujyante Tatra Devta,” she said, adding, “We are many blessed women in India.”

She said that, based on her own observations, Asian countries show the greatest respect for women. Justice Singh mentioned a taboo that female lawyers are not great housewives because they might constantly argue with their spouse while talking about their experience in the legal field.

Things have changed recently. She said she believes female lawyers are the best wives because they know the process and outcome of court cases. The importance and benefits of a common family culture was also emphasized by Justice Pratibha M. Singh. She suggested that a joint family would be preferable. In Indian society, it is a well-known custom.

“In a joint family, we have a larger support system. There are fathers, uncles and other elders who look up to their wives in their accomplishments. They know how to respect their women,” she said.

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Justice Singh and other dignitaries also unveiled the WISE (Woman in Science and Entrepreneurship) emblem at the event. TERI Executive Director Vibha Dhawan spoke about the importance of women in science during her keynote address.


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