Importance of women’s empowerment for a sustainable future


Women are capable, powerful and unstoppable. Women have made the world a better place through their endless strength, determination and conviction, whether they are children, teachers, housewives, engineers or doctors. Women are rising above societal difficulties every day, making them a greater force to be reckoned with in modern times, with enough power to free themselves from the shackles of patriarchy.

All over the world, women are emerging from the obscurity of the home and taking leadership positions in fields that were previously considered all-male domains. We have witnessed examples of women leaders transforming the world with their knowledge and desire for progress both globally and in India.

wave of feminism

The wave of feminism that began a century ago for women’s suffrage has morphed into a raging wave of women’s empowerment in the 21st century. Providing education, skills and courage to women and girls so they can do anything and be anyone will enrich government, community, economy and humanity as a whole.


Women’s empowerment can take many forms. Empowering women means ensuring that women have an equal opportunity to engage in all sectors of society. It’s about building their self-esteem, accepting their views, teaching them, and eventually preparing them to make life-changing decisions. Strongly positioning women is essential to the health and development of our communities.

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Therefore, female empowerment education is essential since the only way to empower women is for young students to learn about issues and explore measures to support women everywhere.

Education is the key

Education is seen as a crucial step towards empowering women as it encourages them to encounter obstacles, confront their established roles and improve their quality of life. Women’s education is the most influential defense mechanism for transforming their social status. India can only become a developed country if women contribute to the best of their abilities, which is only achievable if they are educated and empowered.

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Until we realize that creating an optimistic self-image for girls needs to be woven into the fabric of education, we are only educating them, not necessarily empowering them to be strong. Even today, in families where the son is the Sun, daughters struggle with self-esteem and confidence, and they need a supportive and active environment to help them develop these important characteristics. Mentoring young girls, for example, can help increase self-awareness and skills.

Celebrate Achievements

It’s important to educate students about some of the everyday women who have done amazing things – even if they’re not on the curriculum – in the spirit of celebration. It is essential that children, especially girls, are regularly exposed to successful female role models. While successful women in public and political office are role models for students, there are also cases closer to home.

Teachers can imprint crucial behavioral patterns and serve as motivating role models. Anyone who educates a girl almost invariably strengthens her. Focusing solely on educating girls, on the other hand, will not result in the empowerment of women unless educators are trained and enthusiastic supporters of gender equality.

The power of woman

In schools, female empowerment is about creating an atmosphere where girls can be themselves, fail and learn from their mistakes. While academic success is important, schools also have a role to play in educating students so that they can grow into well-rounded, compassionate adults.

About the Author: Radhika Sinha is the director of Aditya Birla World Academy in Mumbai. All views/opinions expressed in the article are by the author.


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