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The community of Mabeskraal near Rustenburg in the northwest is up in arms after a resident was raped and murdered, allegedly by a parolee.

The suspect has been arrested. Residents say Kgomotso Rose Mokwane, 46, is the latest victim in a series of rapes and murders against women in Mabeskraal.

They say the police are failing to apprehend the perpetrators of gender-based violence, which is on the rise, in their village.

The mother of four, Kgomotso Rose Mokwane, was allegedly raped and stabbed in the head three times. She was found on a village road.

Mokwane died in hospital.

Christina Mokwane explains her sister Kgomotso’s condition when they found her.

“She was raped and killed here. We found her in a pool of blood, naked. The person who did this is not human. Why didn’t he just rape her then, instead of killing her? That’s what I wondered. He stabbed her in the head. His forehead. The stab wound that was just above the eye shocked me the most. That’s what broke me the most. He didn’t have to kill her. His children are now alone.

Her daughter, Virginia Mokwane, still can’t believe her mother is dead. She says she no longer feels safe.

“I am one of those who saw my mother’s body. I could not believe it. Seeing her lying on the ground, I thought maybe she was calling me for help. It affected so much because we were so close. Don’t feel safe anymore. I intend to quit my job because I quit very late. Whoever did this can sue us at any time after they’ve been released on bail.

Police have confirmed that the attacker, who was arrested, is on parole. He was convicted of murder thirteen years ago.

North West Police spokesman Brigadier Sabata Mokgwabone said: “We can confirm that the accused Tshepo Motsisi was arrested shortly after the incident. The defendant was at the time of his arrest on conditional supervision after being arrested for murder and robbery committed in January 2006. He was finally sentenced to 25 years in prison in February 2009.”

The community rages. They blame the police for not dealing with local crime, particularly murder cases, which they say are on the rise.

“There have been murders in our area. Nothing has been done by the police by the courts. So we don’t know what to do anymore because if we take matters into our own hands, the police will arrest us.

Self-defense lessons

A local non-profit organization has volunteered to teach women self-defense classes to survive GBV and femicide, hoping it will lead to cases of violence against women and children, as has explained Rep. Christopher Koitsioe.

“We formed this organization to minimize the deaths that are committed in our village, this is also the reason why we meet organizations, in addition to women, to protect against men. We are also committed to training women in self-defense because we can see that without it our women are going to be killed.

According to the police, the alleged increase in GBV cases should be reported.

Brigadier Mokgwabone explains, “We are committed to providing professional service to our communities. Therefore, we would like to urge community members complaining of specific cases and an apparent increase in crime to see the Sun City Station Commander.

The suspect is due to appear in Mogwase Magistrates’ Court on Monday.

Lamola says community and criminal justice system must work together to address perpetrators of GBV


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