Distribution of sewing machines as part of Eshraqa’s Qudurat program promotes women’s empowerment


MUSCAT: In line with its goals and continued support to make women financially independent, Eshraqa, the social development arm of Khimji Ramdas, recently distributed sewing machines to three Omani women’s associations in the wilayats of Amerat, Samail and Alwabi. . This is one of the many projects of Qudurat, the Omani Women’s Empowerment Initiative in Eshraqa.
For these women, life has changed dramatically after starting a new life engaged in sewing and empowering themselves. The women were also trained in sewing techniques during a workshop organized by the respective women’s association.

Emphasizing the need for a better ecosystem for women’s empowerment, Nailesh Khimji, director of Khimji Ramdas, said that only skills development will help women become economically independent. “And we in Eshraqa are always ready to provide all necessary support to women in education, health care, community welfare and training,”

The initiative harnessed the potential of women in these three wilayats when they receive the appropriate training and mentorship. The Eshraqa sewing machine project has been a boon for these women.

Moza bint Abdullah Al Kharusi, head of the Omani Women’s Association in Wilayat Alwabi, praised the Qudurat initiative when she said, “Sewing opens the way for learning and empowerment. And KR’s social act will greatly contribute to empowering women. “

Sheikha bint Salim Al Khali, head of the Association of Omani Women of the Wilayat Amerat, was frank when she said: “The instinct and entrepreneurial activity of the grassroots Omani women is exemplary. We act as facilitators. The empowerment of women is a key element of socio-economic development around the world, and the role played by Eshraqa on this front deserves to be replicated in many other pockets of Oman.

Rabaa bint Saif Al-Jabri, head of the Association of Omani Women in the wilaya of Samail, said the community initiatives in Eshraqa empower women to achieve their dreams and create productive livelihood opportunities for unemployed women.
Eshraqa strives to work with local organizations to support the development of women with the aim of engaging in productive activity that will generate income for their livelihoods and promote their empowerment.

These sewing machines have been selected by the associations themselves and can be used for various types of embroidery and sewing.

Eshraqa, the CSR arm of the KR Group in the Sultanate, strives to improve the lives of the local community through a range of initiatives. As part of its commitment to empower the people of Oman by providing them with access where they can achieve their full potential, the Khimji Ramdas group has forged collaborations with public, societal and educational organizations on a not-for-profit basis. , to help develop the Omani community as a whole inspires Omani youth and empowers Omani women in particular. These community efforts have transformed the lives and landscapes of many villages in Oman.


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