Diri praises the judiciary for unbiased justice


The Governor of Bayelsa State, Senator Douye Diri commended the Judiciary branch of government for its commitment to the administration of justice and the protection of oppressed and vulnerable people in society.
Diri presented the commendation to Yenagoa during the reception ceremony and the launch of a book titled “Astute Judgments and Essays” written as part of activities commemorating the retirement ceremony of Judge Nayai Aganaba of Upper Bayelsa State Court.
He described Justice Aganaba as a learned, incorruptible and courageous jurist who triumphed even in the face of daunting challenges, noting that he knew the retired jurist as a solid jurist many years ago before he be appointed judge.
The Tide has learned that retired Justice Aganaba was called to the bar in 1982 and appointed as a Judiciary Judge for Bayelsa State in 2001 by the state’s first Executive Governor, the late DSP Chief Alamieyeseigha of blessed memory. , and that prior to his retirement after 20 years of meritorious service as a judge, he had also, at different instances, served in electoral and investigative tribunals respectively.
The state’s number one citizen who also condemned the invasion of the state’s High Court on April 13, 2022 and the attack on the outgoing judge by thugs, described the despicable act as having come from the parties of opposition from the state, just as he called on the police and sister security agencies to partner with the state and the judiciary in providing adequate security in and around the state justice system and to judges to enable them to perform their constitutional duties without fear of intimidation.
Diri, who also praised the State’s Chief Justice, Justice Kate Abiri, for her steadfastness and commitment to duty, as well as her efforts to ensure that judicial officers and judges have the place that to them in successive state administrations, noted that his administration and all branches of state government were partners in progress.
“I knew Justice Aganaba many years ago as a jurist even in the former Rivers State before the establishment of Bayelsa State. He is a shrewd, incorruptible, learned and courageous judge. That’s why even when on April 13, just last week, when he was dealing with a case brought to his court by the other parties, among themselves about intimidation and treatment to his life, he remained courageous.
“I call on the police and other sister security agencies to partner with the government to ensure adequate security in our courthouses and on all judges to avoid a repeat of what happened on April 13, where thugs allegedly attacked the now retired Judge Aganaba in his courtroom I would like to again commend the Chief Justice of the State, Hon Justice Kate Abiri for her commitment to ensuring that officers judiciary and indeed all judges in the state judiciary are properly taken care of,” he said.
Speaking earlier at a farewell session held in honor of the outgoing judge, Chief State Justice Kate Abiri applauded Justice Aganaba, saying he was a respected jurist who has served 20 meritorious years in service as a judge, just as she described the judiciary. as the final arbiter of the law.
She also commended the state government for granting financial autonomy to the state judiciary, just as she reiterated that those who recently attacked retired Justice Aganaba while on duty in his court would face the wrath of the law.
“As an arm of government, the Judiciary in Bayelsa State enjoys autonomy. And I boldly say that the state government has withheld no due from us as a judiciary since we were granted financial autonomy status. For anyone who invaded the sanctity of the court and attacked retired Judge Aganaba in his court, here in the state court system, all would face the wrath of the law,” she said. .
Meanwhile, during a special service of thanksgiving held as part of the activities of the outgoing jurist at the Deanery of St. Peter, Yenagoa, the Bishop of the West Niger Delta Diocese, Anglican Communion, Emmanuel Oko -Jaja described retreat as synonymous with biblical injunction.
In his sermon from the book of Numbers 5:10, the clergy with scriptural reference noted that retiring from his vocation after years of meritorious service is in accordance with God’s plan for humans, even though he praised the judiciary of the state for its efforts at excellence and for its delivery of impartial justice, regardless of whom judgment was to be served.
In the same vein, while speaking with reporters shortly after the event, retired Justice Aganaba reassured his willingness to continue to serve the state and the nation in any capacity worthy of a retired lawyer, describing himself as someone who was naturally called to be a legal practitioner and later a judge.
“Two incidents happened in my life which made me know that I was destined to be a lawyer: one was in Lagos in 1969 when after giving money to a blind beggar he prayed for me , telling me that I would be a lawyer. While the second was when I read a book called the incurable judge and later I acted as a judge in a play during my high school years and I acted very well as a judge,” he said.

By: Ariwera Ibibo-Howells, Yenagoa


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