Community Responds to Huntsville Police Officer David McCoy Charged with Capital Murder | Community events


HPD officer David McCoy has been charged with capital murder after an out-of-hours “incident”.

Residents of the Weston Ranch complex remember what they witnessed on Friday, after an investigation led to the capital murder arrest of Huntsville Police Officer David McCoy.

Much questioning, why the Huntsville police officer, placed on administrative leave, was incarcerated in the Madison County Jail just before midnight. It’s 13 hours after the alleged crime.

“They hid it well for sure,” said Cameron Borders, a neighbor of McCoy.

Alyson Wright, another neighbor of McCoy’s, agreed.

“I mean everything looks peaceful,” Wright said.

Wright has lived in the Weston Ranch apartment complex for years and has frequently stated that she sees McCoy and his police car parked outside the apartments.

“I mean the neighborhood is not the same as when I moved here 5 years ago,” Wright said.

Now Wright and other neighbors feel troubled and shocked by the incident.

“My sister was calling me, making sure I was okay, making sure I was safe,” Wright said.

McCoy was also a courtesy agent in the apartment complex. Lots of neighbors, knowing exactly who McCoy is.

“He was cool for sure,” Borders said.

Borders remembers an interaction he had with the officer just a few months ago.

After Borders’ car broke down, he said the Huntsville cop offered to help.

“He was like you needed help and I was like yeah, then he helped me out of the car and that was it,” Borders said.

Neighbors are now trying to figure out how a police officer is now charged with capital murder.

Sources confirm that the victim, Courtney Spraggins, was in a relationship with McCoy. She was also pregnant at the time of her death.

“He would walk with that girl,” Wright said.

In calls sent by McCoy, he claimed the women committed suicide while sitting in a car.

Huntsville Police responded to the scene. The Alabama law enforcement agency is leading the investigation.

“If the police are here like that, then I don’t have anyone to trust,” Wright said.

McCoy is being held in Madison County Jail without bond.

The Madison County coroner said Spraggin’s autopsy was scheduled for Monday.

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