As US, NATO pull out, WAW fears collapse in women’s justice


Women for Afghan Women (WAW) reacts with fear to the withdrawal of US and NATO troops from Afghanistan in September.

Women for Afghan Women (WAW) works to support disenfranchised women in Afghanistan. (Image credit: WAW)

Women for Afghan Women (WAW) , the largest Afghan women’s rights organization in the world, remains deeply concerned about the plight of women and girls in Afghanistan following the complete withdrawal of the armed forces of the United States (United States) and NATO from ‘Afghanistan in September 2021.

WAW urges the U.S. government and its NATO allies to use the full weight of their diplomatic, economic and political power in the months leading up to the withdrawal to ensure an inclusive and comprehensive political settlement, which will fully protect the Afghan constitution. and the enshrined rights of all Afghan citizens.

The extraordinary progress of the past two decades has been made possible by hundreds of thousands of lives lost and billions of dollars invested in Afghanistan. To ensure that these immeasurable gains and sacrifices are not lost in chaos and tyranny, the United States and NATO must coordinate and engage with Afghanistan’s neighbors to ensure that regional stakeholders and internationals are politically and financially engaged in a peaceful and democratic political process in Afghanistan. This global and regional effort led by the United States and NATO must also protect the government, civil society and the private sector in Afghanistan against a return to power by armed militias, whose only legacy has been terror and the ages. dark 1990s, with the most heinous of human rights violations justified by obscene perversions of religious beliefs and cultural traditions.

As we welcome any effort to end military interventions and armed hostilities in Afghanistan, and wholeheartedly look forward to the day when all Afghans can finally live in peace and dignity, we firmly believe that a lasting peace must protect the rights of all citizens, especially those of Afghan women and girls who have borne the brunt of Taliban brutality and the past 40 years of conflict in their homeland.

On behalf of the women and girls we serve, we implore the United States and its allies to ensure that the disengagement of its troops from Afghanistan does not place more weight on unelected armed militias and warlords. , and leaves behind the triumph of tyranny instead of the democratic values ​​of freedom. , prosperity and justice for all, shared not only by our allies but by the overwhelming majority of Afghans.

Women for Afghan Women (WAW) is a non-profit organization dedicated to securing and protecting the rights of disenfranchised Afghan women and girls in Afghanistan and New York, in particular their rights to develop their individual potential. , to self-determination and to be represented in all areas of life: political, social, cultural and economic. WAW advocates for women’s rights and challenges the norms that underpin gender-based violence whenever opportunities arise to influence attitudes and bring about change.


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