A new mural painted downtown to celebrate the Latinx community in Laramie

Artist Jodie Herrera’s mural continues to be worked on in downtown Laramie. Photo credit: Ryley Mauer

A new mural is being painted in downtown Laramie to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month.

Artist Jodie Herrera was chosen to paint the mural because her work is based on social justice, the representation of minorities and the telling of women’s stories.

The creation of the mural was very intentional, with the idea being mooted by a committee of six female members of the Latinx community within Laramie who hope to see their culture more represented in the community.

“I thought it was extremely thoughtful and made me want to work with them because it was so intentional,” Herrera said, “they wanted a matriarch to be female, because usually in Latinx culture, the matriarch plays a huge role in our communities and is truly the glue that holds our families together.

The mural, which is full of Latinx cultural symbolism, will hopefully fill Laramie’s Hispanic community with a heightened sense of belonging and shed light on their culture to non-Hispanic members who may not know much. -something about their culture.

“He says to remember, as one living in the present, you have to remember your ancestors as well as the children who come in the future.” Herrera said, “It shows that we have to grow and we have to grow with intention and create space for equity, diversity and belonging. As well as remembering our past and our present, our past and our future.

Students on campus and at Laramie are excited to see more Latinx representation in the city, especially during Hispanic Heritage Month.

Sarina Garnica, a recent graduate of the University of Wyoming with a bachelor’s degree in sociology, said, “I think the Latinx community is generally not well represented on campus or in Laramie in general, I think overall , there is just a general lack of visibility of Hispanic people at the University and in the Laramie community.

Garnica mentioned that good ways to celebrate Hispanic heritage this month are to make efforts to learn more about Latinx history and to support Latinx artists.

“It’s wonderful to see opportunities provided to the Latinx community,” Garnica said, “it’s really empowering to see them represented through art in Laramie.”


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