7 engaging community sports in Birmingham you should try

Coach Robinson on the field. (Step Robinson)

Nothing brings people together like a shared experience, so why not join one of Birmingham’s community sports organizations to fulfill your athletic potential? In no particular order, we’ve rounded up some community sports for adults and kids to try.

1. Lacrosse Squad—Youth

Recognized as one of the oldest sports in North America, lacrosse has become one of the fastest growing sports in the United States. Squad Lacrosse is Birmingham’s community sport that focuses on developing and training children to become lacrosse leaders.

According to Squad Lacrosse, they physically develop players through fast-paced, high-level lacrosse training. They want to turn everyday lacrosse players into stars on the field.

Their registration for summer 2022 training is open and training begins on May 23.

  • Register: You must be a American Lacrosse Member.
  • Cost: $500 per player. The cost includes a 5 week camp, 3 tournaments and a team jersey. Families with 2 or more children will receive a discount.

2. The Birmingham Run Club for Mums

Fit4Mom is a running club for moms with busy schedules. Join their 8-week guided training program designed by moms for moms.

Whether you’re training for a specific running goal like a 5K, 10K, or half marathon or just want to get in shape, this running club is a great opportunity for moms everywhere.

Take a look at the flexible variety of courses they offer:

  • running club
  • Thrust Strides
  • 360 strides
  • body well

Your first class is free, so you can dip your toes without having to Course blindly in their program.

  • Register:
  • Cost: $149 for Run Club (Spring). You will get unlimited visits to any location in Birmingham

3. Women’s Rugby

run ladder 1 7 engaging community sports in Birmingham you should try
You understand! (Step Robinson)

One of Birmingham’s most engaging community sports teams would be The Steel, a women’s rugby club.

Even if you’ve never played, this new team welcomes everyone. Plus, they’ll teach you all the ends and outs of the sport.

  • Register
  • Cost: Varies depending on what you are doing.

4. Ultimate Birmingham Disc Alliance

Birmingham Ultimate Women's League
Come on ladies, come on! (BUDA)

Birmingham Ultimate Disc Alliance (BUDA) has officially introduced a new all-female league to their lineup. This community sport in Birmingham is a space for you to practice your athleticism stress-free while meeting new people with similar interests.

BUDA offers a variety of options for players who wish to participate in the game, including a summer league, a women’s league, a youth league for players aged 12-18, and competitive club teams. Register today!

5. Birmingham Beach Adult Volleyball

If you can’t make it to the beach right now, bring the beach to you by joining in on the beach volleyball fun. Birmingham Adult Beach Volleyball is a group of beach volleyball enthusiasts who get together for improvised games or tournaments.

Follow them Facebook group to find out when you can register. It’s co-ed and no previous volleyball experience is required.

  • Register
  • Cost: $25 per person, $75 per group

6. Alabama Cornhole

Formed in 2004, Alabama Cornhole hosts cornhole competitions at local breweries and events around Birmingham. It’s engaging and a great way to get involved in your community, so why not give it a try?

7. Birmingham Race Finder

Mountain bike
Fun for everyone! (Kathy Green)

For cycling enthusiasts, there is a group there to cycle on the cycle paths or just around town. It is one of Birmingham’s community sports that does not require registration.

Check Search for races in Birmingham to join a group outing. Don’t forget to invite a friend or two.

Are you part of a community sport in Birmingham? Let us know by tagging @BhamNow!


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